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Muzic+ - YouTube edition

4.8 ( 6128 ratings )
Photo et vidéo Divertissement
Développeur DM House
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Do you want to listen to the latest hits and your favourite songs for free? Do you want to add songs to your playlists and listen to them anytime, anywhere?
Its easy and simple with Muzic+!!

► Top 100 music charts and top 50 from different genres.

► Playlists
- Create, edit and delete
- Continuous music video play.
- Repeat all, Repeat one and Shuffle mode.
- Skip to the next video.

► Airplay support.

► Playing video content in the background using AirPlay.

► Mini Player
- You dont need to stop the video while searching other videos. Just swipe down on the video player screen to switch to Mini Player.

► Select a region for YouTube videos of interest by country.

► Share your playlists via email!

► Share YouTube videos with Facebook/Twitter

► Instant YouTube video searching is also possible!

► Simple user interface - Easy to use!